Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Mommy Decisions Decisions...breastfeeding yay or Nay

No matter what the differences are between new moms, we all have to decide how we'll nourish & feed our new bundle of joy.  Formula feed or breastfeed? Strictly nursing or bottle feeding? Supplementing or no supplementing??  It can be confusing and, for some, quite intimidating to settle in on what their final decision is regarding these choices..especially with formula ads in all those parents mags, babycenter emails and doctor's office ads.  Then there are the pushy lactation specialists in the hospital and their pushy veteran breastfeeding mom proteges.  Like I said it's confusing.  Well, unless you approach your pregnancy knowing already what your choice is. Personally, I chose to breastfeed.

Let me just keep it real and put it on out there that I chose to breastfeed for no other reason than all I need to feed my baby is within me & FREE FREE FREE!

While I chose breastfeeding, I did NOT choose to nurse my baby & that was my choice to make just like yours is your choice to make!  I chose to express my breast milk with a double electric Medela pump, store it in bottles or in the freezer in storage bags and feed my baby that way. This way I did not have to be around everytime my baby needed to be fed.  My baby got the benefits of breast milk but I got the benefit of the freedom that is usually afforded only by bottle feeding.

It was difficult at first while still on the hospital that 48 hours.  We supplemented while trying to get baby to latch on to stimulate milk production.  Trying to get her to latch on was quite the difficult task so I stopped! Yes, I stopped much to the dismay of those pushy lactation specialists. I stopped trying to latch her and fed her similac formula while pumping my breast to stimulate milk production and it worked like a charm...milk milk milk was everywhere!  After that first week alone I had enough milk stored for a whole month probably!

As previously mentioned, I chose to express my milk & bottle feed my baby.  I will admit expressing can be time consuming, but with a double pump I was pumping enough for two to three feedings everytime I pumped! I thought that was just wonderful! Nursing would have only allowed me to feed my baby for that feeding.

Needless to say, I later established a latch with my little one & she may nurse from time to time...but I stand my decision to express my milk! I also stand by breast being BEST for our little ones.  Every other animal does it & humans should too.

Mommy's body is baby's natural habitat & therefore the best source of your baby's nutrients.  There is something to be said about that.  There will never be a recall on breast milk! It's free & lasts much longer than formula when storing.

Breast is BEST but your choice is YOUR choice!

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