Monday, January 30, 2012

No, I cannot remember when I took the pictures.  It was sometime during the first week of January!  I was so excited!  It took me awhile to actually gain a belly from being pregnant.  Therefore, I am actually happy about the fullness of my belly and those wonderful "tiger stripes" on my hips.  Of course that isn't how I really feel about the stretch marks, but pregnancy is wonderul.  Mine has been awesome and easy!!  So, yes, the little girl I confirmed in the last post will be named Trinity Noelle after months of going back and forth with daddy about our name choices.

The clock is a ticking and we are down to the wire.  I am due between February 19th and 24th and every report has been a positive one.  My pregnancy has been easy as mentioned before.  For those things, I thank God because this can be a stressful time without the added stresses of difficulties.  I just can't wait to see, hold, smell, and love on my baby girl!!