Saturday, October 8, 2011

Starting my registry!!

So with my third trimester quickly approaching in just a matter of a weeks, I have started my registry with!!  WOW!!  I did not anticipate that I would be so overwhelmed with that what to include in the registry!  I think there may be all of ONE item in there now LOL!!!  I'm going to get my mom to help me with that because I am super confused on what I absolutely need, how many I need because daddy is a long distance a way...should I request an extra whatever on the registry for him??  What can wait and of course I want feminine things for a little lady and masculine things for a little man, BUT the sex is still unknown!!! **tears**sad face**

I have had an easy pregnancy...LOL this is the only semi-stressful part!!

OMG!! There is a real little person in there!!

So I visited the doctor on October 5th for my 20 week checkup, and I was due for an ultrasound to check the baby's size, development, hear the heartbeat, and TRY to see the sex of the baby!  EXCITING right!?!?  Yes, always but baby was not having it and so the sex is still unknown!  On that day, baby was 15 ounces, moving about with a strong heartbeat, and is now due on VALENTINES DAY!!!! What a wonderful day to welcome new life?!!? I am actually hoping that Valentines Day will turn out to be the birthday & what do you know that is my mom and her twin sister's birthday!! 

So, as it stands, we have yet to start the name discussion.  Daddy and I were waiting to learn the sex of the baby before starting that discussion, and it looks like we will have to wait a little longer...for now anyway!  It's SOOOO exciting to look at the sonogram now and see nose, mouth, arms, body, and it looks like this baby is shaping up to look just like daddy :(

So that is the update!  EXCITING STUFF!! Next appointment is November 2nd!!!  Stay tuned!!