Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The debut...

This is our princess, her highness, Trinity Noelle at birth weighing in at 6lbs, 5ounces, 20 inches on 2/19/2012.

I am late with this post but I have figured out my post birth direction for this blog.

Baxk track almost 4 months...birth was, FORTUNATELT, BRIEF! Although I had no drugs, by the time it was time to push the princess out, all I felt was an overwhelming ball of pressure not pain.  My labor started Friday with mild contractions that led to a couple of hospital visits for false labor.  HOWEVER, early one Sunday morning (lol) ish got real & the pain showed no mercy! I left the hospital for the last time at about 7am on the 19th, went home to nap, awakened at about 9:30am wondering who was trying to kill me I was in so much rapidly progressing pain!

I arrived at the hospital around 10:40a & baby was born at 11:13am!!!

Needless to say the rest is happy history! I shall catch you up with my MOMformation! Stay tuned!

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you go girl congrats