Saturday, October 8, 2011

Starting my registry!!

So with my third trimester quickly approaching in just a matter of a weeks, I have started my registry with!!  WOW!!  I did not anticipate that I would be so overwhelmed with that what to include in the registry!  I think there may be all of ONE item in there now LOL!!!  I'm going to get my mom to help me with that because I am super confused on what I absolutely need, how many I need because daddy is a long distance a way...should I request an extra whatever on the registry for him??  What can wait and of course I want feminine things for a little lady and masculine things for a little man, BUT the sex is still unknown!!! **tears**sad face**

I have had an easy pregnancy...LOL this is the only semi-stressful part!!


A.Sharie said...

well ive never been where you are before lol buttt i did some googling :) and came up with some good sites!

as far as names -- have you looked at his fam and ur fam for ideas? my middle name comes from my dads youngest sisters middle name -- it kinda jazzes up the simplicity of the name ashley :) -- i think i was gonna be an anthony if i were a boy lol. When I have a child tho, i want to look at our families and the Bible and create something from there :)

good luck AND Congrats!!

Lipglass and Handbags said...

I am so sorry for my late response! I didn't even get an email that I received a comment on this blog! Thank you very much I shall check these sites out! Happy Holidays! Thanks for your well wishes!