Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sonogram...follow up!!

Heyyy all!!

So as you all saw in a previous post, I've had my first sonogram done! That was taken on Wednesday June 29, 2011 and it revealed that I was 6 weeks, 3days pregnant with what seemed like a happy, very tiny baby...maybe girl?!?!? LOL but no, a baby, that so far seems very healthy!!

Anywho, that day I also received my prenatal vitamins because good mommies to be take vitamins along with a doctor's care, healthy diet! FAST FORWARD TO A WEEK AND TWO DAYS LATER >>>>>> I was at the doctor again to have a sonogram follow up, take another sonogram and receive some literature that should lead me on a path to a healthy, picture perfect pregnancy. {will have that sonogram up when I can steal it back from my mom}

Anyway, baby was less active this time, but that heart was beating uberSTRONG!! During this appointment, I According to the Babycenter website, the baby's "hands and feet are emerging from developing arms and legs." The baby has doubled in size, but is still very small. They compare the size of the baby to that of a blueberry (awwwww)!!!! The baby is still considered any embryo at this stage!

It was a brief doctor's visit, but I received a wealth of knowledge like what a healthy diet for a pregnant woman should be...which includes drinking a quart of milke a day!?!?!? A DAY!?!?!? LAWD, I am going to need some prayer to get through that one, chocolate milk maybe? Ugggh! Gotta do what I gotta do though, but milk is not my best buddy.

I also found out that it is okay for me to exercise just as I was before my pregnancy...WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!! I was too happy to find that out and wanted to go the gym as soon as possible. My doctor did make a note that activity of that nature will begin to taper off as baby develops more, but for right now...Elyptical here I come...**OPERATION MILF** LOL!*!*!*!*

To end it here, my next appointment is Friday August 5, 2011 at 11am...4 weeks away! I assume there will be many changes between now and then! Until then I will keep my followers updated on how i'm feeling, what i'm feeling, and the different changes expected from week to week. Tomorrow Sunday July 10, 2011 I will be 8 weeks preggers!!!!

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